I love you, Dark Souls

So to celebrate the imminent launch of Dark Souls arriving on PC, I’m going to be doing drawings of Dark Souls NPCs, Enemies, and Bosses! I’ll try and keep up, hopefully I get through a bunch! Let me know if there are ones you guys want to see in particular!

Anime North 2011

Hi Guys!

So I missed out on having a table at Anime North this year, but those who were there may have seen me tromping around with my friends dressed in my t-shirts and a backpack full of clothes taking photos of cosplayers!

I’ll be uploading photos of our antics here. If I’ve photographed you, let me know! Unlike other content on my blog, these photos are fair game for you to use!

Until those photos are up, hope everyone’s summer’s going awesome, and I’ll see you at Fan Expo!!


So I’ve decided to just start painting really quick random paintings. As usual, I’ve given myself some rules. The main one being a 30 minute time limit. I’m sure I could do more and better in 30 minutes, but this is more just about being experimental and abstract, so although this may be the final image, i spent about 20 minutes painting something entirely different before wiping it and coming to this one…hopefully it’ll help me with my confidence when it comes to real painting!

…or it’ll cater to my short attention span!

either way, i’ll be making art, and that’s a plus!

So here it is:

The other big rule is, I want there to be a hint of a story somewhere in the image. I want people to look at these and have the cogs in their heads begin turning immediately. I find visual storytelling fascinating, and it’s something I definitely need to get better at, so hopefully these help!

I bought new shirts this week, and am working to print the new shirts for various orders this weekend. So if you’ve ordered, or are waiting for one, THEY’RE COMING SOON! and if you’ve contacted me about them, I’ll be contacting you soon to discuss shipping/meeting options, or to let you know when I’ll be able to get to making your shirt.

Also, the new designs aren’t here yet, because I’ve yet to find a glass cutter who doesn’t work the exact hours I work. SOOOOON! I promise.

That’s all guys!

aaannnd once more, this image, along with everything else on this blog and featured on http://carson-drew-it.com are Copyright Carson Wong 2010 and cannot be used for ANYTHING or displayed anywhere without my permission and express consent. If you guys see my stuff up somewhere that doesn’t belong to me, please let me know!


This sort of happened one day.

It started out as just a random doodle to pass some time, and slowly evolved into what you see now. I LIKE IT!!! maybe I’ll do more!

T-shirt update:
The glass on my light-box broke : ( so I need to go out and buy some glass next week and cut it to size, etc. before I can make any new designs into t-shirts (ie. Glass Half Full/Empty, CatFight, Bar Fight). I’ll likely update you guys next week about that!

THANKS FOR READING! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

PS: this should be self-explanatory, but this image, along with everything else on this blog and featured on http://carson-drew-it.com are Copyright Carson Wong 2010 and cannot be used for ANYTHING or displayed anywhere without my permission and express consent. If you guys see my stuff up somewhere that doesn’t belong to me, please let me know!

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

So I made a 40″x20″ poster for my nephew’s birthday:

His favourite dinosaurs are Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Utahraptor, Allosaurus, and Triceratops. So I drew this up for his 4th birthday! The most rewarding part was seeing his eyes light up when he saw it. The part that made me sad was that his absolute favourite dinosaur was Baryonyx, and the way I had drawn him, he didn’t really recognize him…which is slightly heartbreaking.

Anyhow, hope you guys like it as much as he did!

Take it easy, everyone! more drawings soon!

FanExpo 2010!!!!!

Alright! So this past weekend was FanExpo, and it was an absolute BLAST!

Here’s some photos!

My booth. I’m so glad my boss helped me make this, it worked out perfectly, and looked AMAAAZING! I’m not sure I could have gotten the amount of publicity I’d gotten this year were it not for his help and contributions. THANK YOU, CARLOS!

So as you can see, I put up all my t-shirt designs, (4 brand new ones included! all of which can be found on my new Etsy shop!) and of course, my prints, and sketches as well!

Here’s what I drew this year:

CAT-FIGHT! okay this was actually a commission for a wonderful girl named Lauren from Anime North this year. I put it on my table in hopes that she would come by, see her commissioned piece and pick it up, but instead, I got repeated requests by others to buy this piece. The result? I drew this about 5 times for 5 different people, in all different colours and shades that cats come in.

In fact, this shirt is next in line to become a t-shirt! and this is where you come in. Either email me or leave me a comment in regards to colour of shirt and colour of ink you would like to see these cats appear on! All suggestions will be considered, and the most popular one will become a real design!

next on the list:

Yet another popular drawing that started off as a commission from Anime North for a wonderfully creative guy, Liam! I slapped this on the table expecting/hoping to see Liam there, and instead got repeat requests for this one too! I think I drew and painted it 3 times, each time a little different. The original was an Aero bar fighting a Kit-Kat bar. Becca made the suggestion to switch the Aero to a Caramilk bar, and to have the Caramel filling gushing out. I think it worked out perfectly!
This was another suggestion for a t-shirt design, but I’m hesitant, since I’d have to use multiple colours to make it read properly. (I’ve got big plans to expand my business and make this absolutely possible, so no worries guys!)
Another one that got a LOT of attention and was once again a commissioned piece left over from Anime North:
This wonderful and slightly disturbing, but very philosophical piece was originally a commissioned piece by Emilia who is always an amazing help and volunteer at Anime North! She asked me to illustrate my rendition of a glass half full/half empty concept she had doodled out for me. This is what I got out of it, sitting outside Moon Bean in Kensington Market one sunny day. 
I ended up getting lots of requests to have this illustration re-drawn or made into a t-shirt, and am once again taking suggestions from people for a colour scheme, so please, if you’ve got some ideas, let me know! Becca also suggested this become the flagship design for a new line of more serious/concept-heavy t-shirt designs that cater to the thinking man and woman. 
Now enough of the stuff I’d already had drawn up for Fan Expo, here’s some brand new drawings!
Alright, so yes, I’ve drawn this before…but this time, it’s a stuffed dinosaur he’s holding! (because I love dinosaurs a little too much) I got some really good responses for this one, and if anything, it really caught people’s eyes when they passed by my booth. If the shirts didn’t do the jog, this was the other big gateway or lead-in point for my booth…there’s probably a better word for that…Anyhow, great response for this one, I had an older gentleman (sorry, I forgot your name!) come up to me and comment on how it reflects his feelings when he comes home from the daily 9-5 crunch. As someone who has recently joined those ranks, I sympathise!
My first commission came from a couple whose names I wrote down, but forgot to have with me while posting this entry. Anyhow, They asked for 3 illustrations. The first being one of the coloured versions of the Bar Fight shown above, an illustrated and coloured version of the Kamikaze/Suicide Toast t-shirt design, 
and then THIS epicness right here:
I’m really happy with how this turned out…they only asked for a portrait, and mentioned they liked the cute but slightly morbid and dark humour that tends to flavour my work. The result being what you see above! I’m actually suuuuper proud of this piece, and to know that they’e framed it and put it up in their house makes me smile 🙂 Hands down, my favourite illustration of thew weekend!
Next up, and maybe not in chronological order, Kick-Ass (or someone dressed as him as is likely the case) requested I do an illustration entitled Microwave Popcorn. I probably could have been more creative for this one, but I still like the image a lot:
My sympathies and apologies to you, mister giant popcorn kernel….and to your tiny friends. It had to happen!
Moving right along, Kick-Ass’ lady-friend asked me to illustrate an Octopus having breakfast!
In my opinion, the breakfast of champions will always involve two things: Bacon, and Toast. Both of which this Octopus is enjoying, in some shape or form. Albeit they are ships simply named after those foods, but I’m sure the not-long-for-this-world sailors had previously enjoyed such a meal, and thus the Octopus will also be enjoying the same…somehow.
A couple wonderful people asked me to draw two Pandas walking their pet Wolf, and immediately, this is what came to mind:
I later found out the Panda represented the two of them, and the wolf had some other sentimental significance, which I feel like I missed, because it was loud at the convention. Regardless, I had fun making it! I did have to run around and ask people for their descriptions of what Pandas actually looked like, as apparently I tend to forget every time I get a request to draw them. A million thanks to Ben and his iPhone for always having the answer to my many questions!
Next up, a wonderful young lady asked me for an illustration, simply saying that she loved the following: octopi, fetuses (referring more contextually to the Glass Half Full/Half Empty illustration from before), the fuzzy little monster guy I drew on my two Vinyl Banners, and morbid humour. She also mentioned Broccoli, but i couldn’t figure out how to fit that in there.
Actually, looking at this image again, maybe I did include it in the vaguest of ways, seeing as i like to eat the leafy/tree-looking part of Broccoli first, and seeing as one of the unfortunate young children has already lost their head in this illustration. Poor kid…
I had another terrific person ask me for an illustration featuring the giraffe from my Water Pogo t-shirt design, but sans octopus, doing whatever I wanted. I figured maybe he wanted to go for a swim!
Splish-Splash! okay so he’s not really a very good swimmer, but he’s trying!! look at that tongue! that means he’s concentrating! He also has two fish friends for encouragement. 
Last but not least, the illustration i look forward to working on every convention I go to, Connor’s inevitable random request of randomness always gets my illustrator muscles going! This year: A Horse-Headed Minotaur fighting off a swarm of something of my choice! So I picked:
BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!! Okay so I feel like I could have gone with a more dynamic and exciting pose for Mr. Horse-Head, but I had some time constraints, as I think I’ll always perpetually accept more commissions than I can handle. Becca’s trying to train that out of me, but it seems to happen regardless!
There’s a couple illustrations missing from here, mainly because I missed the chance to photograph them, one of which was Kellog’s Snap, Crackle, and Pop fighting off Gyrados of Pokemon fame. It looked pretty epic…just saying…not that you can see it or anything, but trust me!
That’s it for my FanExpo 2010 update!!! Thanks for reading, and most importantly, thanks for all your support!!!
Carson Wong

FanExpo 2009

So….this is really late…Fan expo happened August 25th to 28th
and my new T-Shirts:
sold famously!! In fact, they’re all sold out! I’ve got to make more! Which brings me to another matter of news: SILK SCREEN IS UP AND RUNNING! so I should have some new limited edition tees out soon.
Back to FanExpo…I also made a whole bunch of these limited edition Lino Block Prints:
I still have some left, so if anyone would like one, please let me know each one is signed, numbered, and stamped! The Lino Block broke after I made these, so it’s literally the last of them…EVER! So get them while they still exist!
lastly, here are some doodles from FanExpo to go along with my doodles from Anime North 2009:

That’s all! finally uploaded! and once more, Happy Holidays!